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Welcome to the fun world of Powered Parachutes.
Special notice: I am now a CFI-Certified Flight
Instructor for Sport Pilot, as of Aug 10, 2006
I also do proficiency checks to endorse
GA pilots to
transistion to Sport Pilot for PPC. Call me to get your
BFR (basic flight review) for your SP endorsement.
My name is Reggie Toler, I am a retired Home Builder and PPC's have
become my avocation. I am known in the Powered Parachute world as
"Nail"......when I first joined a message board, I found that a 'handle' or
'nickname' was needed, similar to what is done when joining the CB world.
I thought "hmmmm, I have driven a few million of those so let's try
I travel to all of the major flyins that are held around the country, and to
many smaller flyins as well. I have found that with a short and easy to
remember nick like
"Nail" that I can meet someone briefly and then see
them a year later, and they will remember
"Nail". If I introduced myself by
my real name, most would not remember it a year later after a brief
meeting.......so that has worked out well :)

I first soloed in September of 2000. I received my BFI  (Basic Flight
Instructor) rating one month later. I took further training and certification,
and become an
AFI (Advanced Flight Instructor) in the summer of 2002.
In early summer 2005 I took the FAA test for Sport Pilot Instructor. I will be
taking the practical test for SPI in early 2006 and hopefully will be training
Sport Pilots after that.
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